Community participation

Our communities & building a conservation economy

Neighbouring communities

Surrounding Loziba Wildlife Reserve there are a number of communities that are critical to the success of the project and which will form part of the greater Loziba Community Conservancy. 

Community leadership are already engaged in discussions with African Conservancies and have indicated their keen desire to  build the conservation economy.

Benefits to our neighbours

Each Tribal Authority will benefit directly and indirectly from value ascribed to a combination of income streams, including land lease, lodge or freehold site levies, conservation levies, job creation, game sales etc.

The community interests are held by Community Property Associations (CPA’s).
The CPA’s will be monitored by African Conservancies to ensure the highest standards of governance and transparency.

The Malangane Tribal Authority
The Malangane Tribal Authority, represented by Nkosi Jiyane is a key stakeholder, has claimed a number of key farms in the Loziba region, totalling some 8,616 Ha. Their land is situated mostly on the southern portion of Loziba An additional 1 050 Ha has already been settled adjoining a key portion in the south west of the Loziba Wildlife Reserve, which represents a key opportunity in itself.
The Hlonyane Tribal Authority
The Hlonyane Tribal Authority, whose land adjoins to the west of Loziba has part of their claim settled already and currently are negotiating a hunting concession with a reputable local operator. A partnership with the Hlonyane Tribal Authority is being discussed. Their current and holdings account for 2 800 Ha with an additional 3 955 Ha that could be incorporated into Loziba Wildlife Reserve.
The Nhlazatshe Tribal Authority
The Nhlazatshe Tribal Authority own land adjoining east and south of Loziba, accounting for some 3 000 Ha.
The Mkholokhto Tribal Authority
The Mkholokhto Tribal Authority, land adjoining east of Loziba, accounts for some 1 882 Ha.
The Indindine Tribal Authority
The Indindine Tribal Authority

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