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All donor funds will be received by Loziba CWC (Pty) Ltd into the South African Nedbank account and will be utilised for the acquisition of land, planning and infrastructure for the Loziba Wildlife Reserve project. Land will be acquired by Loziba CWC (Pty) Ltd, as and when sufficient funding is available. Donors will receive CSI and other benefits as and when applicable

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Givengain is a non-profit foundation, that enables charities to fund raise. You can read about them here:
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These are the details. Please make sure you mark your donation for Loziba. Loziba CWC Pty Ltd reg no 2020/494829/07 The Human Elephant Foundation Bank: Standard Bank Current account number: 25-110-194-0 SWIFT code: SBZAZAJJ

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PayPal is one of the easiest and fastest ways to send funds to Loziba. Please remember to mark your donation for Loziba.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I help Loziba?

Your investment and/or donation , pooled with other support, will help us to save thousands of hectares of land for the endangered animals of Africa. You can help a rhino find a safe haven.

Is my donation tax deductible?

If you donate in South Africa, the answer is yes.

If you donate in the UK through Rhino Tears, yes.

If you donate from any other country, the answer is likely to be no, but you could ask a local tax expert.

I have an issue with the Web donation I made

Web donations will show up on our database approximately 24 hours after the transaction is complete, but donors will receive an immediate confirmation of their donation. Please contact us if this persists.

Should I Donate or Invest?

If you donate, your money will go through ACT and be used for a variety of projects at Loziba. If you choose to invest, your money will be used to buy land and you will have a stake in that.

Which organisation will take my Donation?

If you live in the UK , your money will go through Rhino Tears (registered charity)  to African Conservation Trust, a South African registered charity. They pay any service providers on behalf of Loziba. This route will mean that 100% of your donation will be sent to Loziba and an extra 20% will be added by the British Government in Gift Aid.

If you live in South Africa, your money will go direct to African Conservation Trust. You will be able to get tax relief.

If you live outside of the above two areas your money will also go direct to African Conservation Trust.

What will my money be spent on?

Security for the animals – anti-poaching systems, fencing, guards and technology

Infra-structure – roads etc

Game capture

Veterinary expenses

Education for local communities and visitors


Will I be able to visit Loziba?

At the moment, we don't have facilities for visitors other than some very basic ones for workers. In the future we look forward to welcoming members of the public.