"When an African Wilderness stands between critically endangered animals and extinction, we must act to save it."

Mawana Mountain on Loziba

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Loziba Wildlife Reserve

The spectacle of Loziba Wildlife Reserve

Loziba Wildlife Reserve – Reclaiming an African Wilderness for the animals

There is a vast wilderness on the South Eastern tip of Africa, in the Zulu Kingdom of Kwa-Zulu Natal… 

It was once the home of rhinos and elephants, but for many years the land supported only one species… the humans.

Humans conjured the spectre of extinction for all except themselves, until slowly they came to realise that no species is an island unto itself.

Without diversity, we all die.

We have to find a way to share and live together so that all sentient beings can thrive and multiply.

Now we have the opportunity to welcome the rhinos and the elephants back . We have a chance to acquire the land, fence it so that the animals will be safe again, ensure that everyone, animal and human can have a good living.

We are the generation that can drive extinction back into the shadows.

The Loziba Wildlife Reserve and the surrounding Loziba Community Conservancy, will bring communities and animals together for the benefit of both.

Join the war on extinction. You can invest in or donate to this project and be a part of history.

Why does Loziba Wildlife Reserve need funding?

In order to protect the elephants and save the land for the various animals that need it to avoid extinction, Loziba Wildlife Reserve needs funding…

Our Impacts

We have a moment in time to save our elephants and a number of endangered species


Species that call Loziba home

And we want to introduce more to their own safe space


Vulnerable families surrounding Loziba

All need the employment and prosperity that the Loziba Community Conservancy and Loziba Wildlife Reserve will bring them


Hectares of land we want to save

It's a vital mission, without a doubt


Varieties of plants on Loziba

Incredible diversity in a shrinking biosphere


Species that are already extinct

Imagine if we could have helped them

Latest News

Partnering to rejuvenate the local creche

Partnering to rejuvenate the local creche

A partnership between the Loziba wildlife reserve, the Kingsley Holgate Foundation, Project Rhino, and Pryme Homes Ltd has helped to…

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Loziba December 2022 stakeholder meeting

Loziba December 2022 stakeholder meeting

(Right to Left, Craig Edwards, John Charter, Grant Fowlds, Andries Botha, Sbu Jiyane & Mark Pedrick) December 2022 saw a…

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Vervet monkey research project by Uni. of Lausanne at Loziba

Vervet monkey research project by Uni. of Lausanne at Loziba

A short drive from the main gates of Loziba brings one to a sign reading “Research Area”. Located beyond this…

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    The project is being developed by Loziba (Pty) Ltd and project managed by African Conservancies in association with key partners, service providers and professionals. 

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