Thank you to the Friends of Loziba

  • Andries Botha- Human Elephant Foundation
  • Jess Bothma- Sculpture
  • Peter Rutsch Lawyer
  • Joe Pietersen Nkombe Rhino
  • Chris Small Helicopters
  • Dereck Milburn
  • The Aspinall Foundation
  • Humane Society International
  • James Glancy- V4W
  • Glenn Steyn- V4W
  • David Peddie
  • Alec van Heerden
  • Jennie Munro
  • Sarah Cobden Ramsay
  • Lens Traveller – Leticia Cox
  • David Swanepoel-AltAir Earth
  • Nevvar Hickmet
  • Truwild and the Chris Holcroft Legacy 
  • Charles James Lillieshall  Trust
  • Erica van der Waal and Family
  • African Conservation Trust
  • Peter Ritch Architects
  • Rhino Tears
  • Gideon Israel – London

Make a donation

A donation to the Human Elephant Foundation and the Loziba project can make a world of difference to an elephant family